Guidebook for Urals traditional local cuisine to be published for 2018 World Cup

According to the curator of the project "Ural kitchen", the book will create a gastronomic map of the Urals
23 March 2016
Anton Butsenko / TASS
Cooking meat on the barbecue festival in Mayakovsky Central Park, Ekaterinburg

A guidebook for the traditional cuisine of the Urals will be published in Ekaterinburg for the beginning of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The book is a part of the social project "Promoting the Urals in Russia and the World", curator of the project Marina Chebotaeva told

"Local tourism has become a trend, but the “Ural cuisine” has not yet been fully formed. That is why, on the eve of the World Cup, we are preparing to release a special book about the peculiarities of the local cuisine,” Chebotaeva said. “After reading it, foreign and Russian fans are going to come to Ekaterinburg, will learn about traditional Ural recipes, as well as the places, where they can taste these dishes," she added.

According to the curator of the project "Ural kitchen" Artem Islentiev, the book will create a gastronomic map of the Urals, the region of many different nationalities – the Russian, the Tartars, the Bashkirs and others – the place, where different national cuisines coexist..

“The Michelin guide for tourist sites was published in Europe, which also became a restaurants’ guide – we have a similar idea,” Islentiev said. “The project will start the development of the gastronomic and agro-tourism in the region. We expect the tourist community to engage in it to establish the region's gastronomic map,” he said.

The curators of the project noted that the book will also feature unique recipes. Among them, in particular, is a cookie recipe from the wife of the first President of Russia Naina Yeltsina. "We plan to present the book in December. Now we continue to work with the participants and restaurateurs of the project," Chebotaeva said.


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