Igor Shuvalov inspects 2018 World Cup facilities in Ekaterinburg

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov and Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev inspected the 2018 FIFA World Cup objects in Ekaterinburg.
02 August 2016
First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov and Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev inspected the 2018 FIFA World Cup objects in Ekaterinburg.

Igor Shuvalov visited SKB-Bank Arena stadium, which in two years will become a training ground for the participants of the world championship. According to the governor, the complex was the first object in Russia built in preparation for the 2018 World Cup. It currently serves as a training base for the local football club Ural. The stadium is part of a sports complex of the Ural Academy of Football, which will also include an indoor football arena, hotel-hostel for sportsmen, three football fields, an office building, facilities for various sports.

A sports boarding school is also planned for construction on site. According to Shuvalov, development of children's sport is very important for training of future experts.

"For football of totally other level it is necessary to invest in young talent, to look for it and create the best conditions for learning for children,” Shuvalov said. “The Football Academy is one of the best examples where talented children can gather not only from Ekaterinburg, but the Sverdlovsk region in general, neighboring regions. We need to train children according to the most advanced technologies, so they can later become expert players. In order to teach children from other cities and regions, it is necessary to build a boarding school - this will significantly increase the chances of those who wish to dedicate their lives to football. Access to education will be completely different. This is a big deal. It should be done not only in Ekaterinburg, but also in other cities," he added.

Igor Shuvalov and Evgeny Kuyvashev later visited the site of the Central Stadium and inspected the construction progress. One of the most challenging stages is almost finished - six pylons erected on the north, south and east stands, which will be used as a base for the roof of the building. Two additional pylons is scheduled for August 2016.

Another object of federal inspection - Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, where the fan zone for 17,000 people will be opened in 2018.According to Evgeny Kuyvashev, hard coating with lighting towers, CCTV system, a screen of 60 square meters, modern security system will be installed in site.

"The 2014 Fan Fest showed us that the park is an ideal platform due to its distance from residence buildings, required space and ability to meet the requirements for traffic and pedestrian stadium flows and fan zones. Organizing fan zones in the park also seems appropriate for subsequent use of the site for public events," Kuyvashev said.

The renovation project for the fan zone is ready. It includes improving pedestrian routes and creating a shuttle bus stop and a turn-around area. The project also includes creating additional entrance in the park under the overpass of the Detskaya railroad, which is currently under construction. Vandal-proof fences will be used for all perimeter of the fan zone as well as temporary structures for engineering services and management.

"It is right that due to the preparation for the championship our park will undergo additional renovation – it will have a modern infrastructure. The park will become a place of attraction of the city residents and visitors alike," Shuvalov said.

Finally, the First Deputy Prime Minister evaluated readiness of the Koltsovo Airport. Shuvalov visited the working areas, engaged in passengers services, examined the international arrivals hall, common area, passport control desks and inspection zones in the departure lounge of international flight and in the domestic terminal, visited the crew training zone, situation aviation security service and hotel Angelo.

A large-scale renovation of Koltsovo airport was completed in 2014. Now the terminal complex of 80,000 square meters is capable of handling up to 8 million passengers per year at the current passenger traffic slightly over 4 million people. According to Executive Director of the airport Alexey Piskunov, the existing infrastructure is enough to receive guests and participants of the World Cup. In order to increase capacity in 2017, the number of the pre-flight inspection channels ion both terminals will be doubled, and thepre-flight inspection areas will be expanded to 500 square meters. The airport will be equipped with 15 additional work stations for passport control to bring the total to 45. The reverse service mechanism is provided for peak loads. All this will raise the total capacity of the airport from the current 1,640 to 2,000 passengers per hour, which is fully compliant with the Federal Air Transport Agency requirements, designed for the Koltsovo airports in accordance with the FIFA recommendations.

"This is a modern and convenient airport,” Igor Shuvalov shared his impressions. “Guests from Europe will be pleasantly surprised by the level of comfort and service of Koltsovo. The terminals are spacious enough to cater flights from permanent schedules, as well as additional ones for the teams, the delegates and fans," he added.


Koltsovo Airport

Koltsovo International Airport is one of the largest regional air harbors Russia in terms of passenger traffic. The passengers have access to more than 120 destinations, roughly 50 Russian and international airlines. Since 1998, Koltsovo is a member of the International ACI Council (Airports Council International). In 2015, it provided services to 4.2 million passengers. At the end of 2012, Koltsovo was recognized as the best regional airport in the CIS countries, and was awarded a prize of the Routes CIS Airport Marketing Awards. In 2013, the airport was in the world's top five airports with annual passenger traffic of up to 4 million people according to World Routes Awards, and in 2015 reveived a “four-star” rating according to the Skytrax research results.

"We have to prepare the infrastructure to host the World Cup at a high level,” Shuvalov said. “What we see in Ekaterinburg has left a very good impression. You can clearly see that the economy is growing - roads and housing are under construction, industry is developing. The city is successfully developing, and this is evident from the very beginning, with the arrival in the Koltsovo airport, which is one of the best venues for receiving guests in our country," he added.

Based on the results of the inspection, Shuvalov noted that the region has no problems with preparation for the tournament and said he was satisfied with what he saw. "We looked at the hotel, training bases, the future development the Football Academy, fan zone. In the grand scheme of things, there are no problems, and the existing ones will resolved as soon as possible. We are satisfied with the preparation progress for the championship. The most important thing is that the Governor, the team of the regional government and the city are aimed at leaving a great legacy. It is crucially important for us to show our guests what our country has reached, achieved in infrastructure development, and more importantly – what we will leave to the residents of the city after the World Cup,” Shuvalov said.


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