Inclusive amusement park for children opens in Volgograd

Credit for opening the region’s first amusement park equipped to meet the needs of differently abled kids goes to Natalia Vodyanova, the founder of Naked Hearts Endowment

31 October 2016
Deputy Governor of the Volgograd Oblast Aleksander Dorzhdeyev joined the founder of the Obnazhyonnye Serdtsa (Naked Hearts) Endowment Natalia Vodyanova for the gala opening of the region’s first inclusive amusement park for kids in Volgograd’s Komsomolsky Garden, reports the press office of the Volgograd Region Governor.

The 2,500-square metre park, equipped for sports and games of every description, caters to children of different ages and abilities. The inclusive sports facilities deployed in the park enable kids with disabilities to practice sports and play games alongside regular kids.

"There is no better collaboration than working together to make the children happy,” the deputy governor stressed in his address. “This project sets an example for us of how to take care of the children and prepare them for the major sports challenges ahead."

"There will be no limitations in this playground. It will be part of growing up for the kids of all ages and abilities," said Natalia Vodyanova, the founder of Naked Hearts, formerly a celebrated top model.

Volgograd is working to upgrade its sports infrastructure in the run-up towards the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, and the construction of new sports grounds is part of it. In preparation for the tournament, the city is building new sports facilities and upgrading the existing ones, rejuvenating its transport infrastructure, and making many other improvements to the urban environment.


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