Jewish quarter and synagogue to be built in Kaliningrad

The building will be designed for 2,000 people
03 June 2016

The Jewish quarter and a synagogue will be built in Kaliningrad in 2017 – the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia (FJCR), the Russian Jewish Congress and businessman Vladimir Katzman signed a memorandum of cooperation on the construction.

According to them, the synagogue, which will be one of the largest in Russia, will operate under the FJCR. “Until this day, Russia had some kind of a “Jewish quarter” only in Moscow, in Maryina Roshcha district that has a large complex of buildings of the Jewish community. We plan to create something similar in organization and infrastructure in Kaliningrad,” FJCR President Alexander Boroda said.

Construction site will be situated on Oktyabrskaya street. "The synagogue is expected to open its doors in 2017. The building will be designed for 2,000 people," the press service said. According to the authors of the project, the facade of the new synagogue will duplicate the exterior of the Königsberg synagogue that dates back to the World War II.

The Jewish community of Königsberg (currently Kaliningrad) was formed in 1671; the first synagogue was built in 1680 in Tragheim district, which at that time was outside of the city. By the early XXth century, Königsberg had five synagogues; in 1933 the Jewish population of the city totaled 3,170 people.


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