Kazan Volunteers activists help out at Russia Cup final

The volunteers worked at the press centre, transport hubs and stall entrances
04 May 2016
Directorate for Sports and Social Projects

Fifty Kazan Volunteers activists helped with organizational work at the Russia Cup final between Moscow’s CSKA and St. Petersburg’s Zenit, played at Kazan Arena on May 2. The volunteers helped out at the press centre, transport hubs and stall entrances, welcome2018.com was told by the Kazan Directorate for Sports and Social Projects.  

At the Russia Cup final, Kazan Volunteers manned the same jobs they will be expected to perform as host city volunteers during the 2018 World Cup. Before and after the game, the volunteers helped the city’s visitors with directions at Kozya Sloboda Metro station and the bus stop on Chistopolskaya Ulitsa next to Kazan Arena. As the guests approached the stadium, they were welcomed and guided by the volunteers of the Spectator Services functional area, who showed them to their stalls. Spectators were introduced to the national St. George Ribbon campaign when each was issued this victory emblem by the host city volunteers. All those wishing to make their own posters in support of their team could do so onsite before the game, with the assistance of Kazan Volunteers.

"I loved the festive feel at the stadium today. Both adults and kids coming for the game were happy to join us in our activities, and shared very emotionally,” Margarita Galiullina, a Spectator Services volunteer, told welcome2018.com. “I didn’t expect to see so many positively charged people. I’m glad to have been part of such a major event – all thanks to my decision to volunteer."

The 2018 World Cup host cities are expected to train 40,000 volunteers overall, 20,000 of which will be helping the fans with orientation in their city. The other 20,000, to be trained for the Russia 2018 Organizing Committee, will assist with the tournament’s organization.   


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