Krasnoyarsk volunteers to take part in the 2018 World Cup

2019 Winter Universiade activists will be involved in the 2018 World Cup matches in Ekaterinburg
03 April 2017

The XXIX Winter Universiade Executive Directorate signed a cooperation agreement with the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ volunteer center, created on the basis of Ural Federal University.

The agreement provides close cooperation between the 2018 World Cup volunteer center and the Directorate. A delegation of Krasnoyarsk volunteers will come to Ekaterinburg for the 2018 World Cup as part of the agreement.

"2019 Winter Universiade is an opportunity for the Krasnoyarsk residents and for young people to cooperate with major Russian cities," 2019 Winter Universiade Executive Directorate CEO Maxim Urazov said "This is the beginning of interaction between those taking part in major events, and it will give opportunities to gain knowledge and experience, to learn from our colleagues. We will begin to share knowledge and information that will enrich not only these two grand events, but also young people."

According to the volunteer center Director Alexander Antimonov, Ekaterinburg volunteers will also be participate in the Universiade.

"As part of the agreement, close cooperation between our regions will start and there will be an opportunity for the Krasnoyarsk region activists of the volunteer movement to come to Ekaterinburg during the World Cup, to get certain competence, skills and experience, and to work for a large international event. And, of course, Sverdlovsk region volunteers will be able to take part in such a great event as the 2019 Winter Universiade and help the organizers," Antimonov said.

2018 World Cup Ekaterinburg volunteer center will prepare 1300 Local Organising Committee volunteers and 1,000 city volunteers.


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