Confederations Cup: Day 10

Things to do in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi June 25
25 June 2017

June 26, 2017


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Today in Moscow

Free tours for fans of Confederations Cup 2017

Historical Museum conducts free guided tours for fans of the Confederations Cup. They will be told about the dynasties of the Rurik and the Romanovs, they will show Rolls-Royce of Lenin and will get acquainted with the exhibition "Gold: Metal of the Gods and the King of Metals".

Excursions are held daily from 10:00 to 17:00. At the box office it will be necessary to show the Passport of the fan (FAN ID), then choose one of the seven languages - Russian, English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish or Italian.

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36th Moscow International Film Festival

In Moscow, one of the biggest events in the world cinema begins. Within ten days, the audience will be shown the work of eminent and novice filmmakers from five continents.

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The exhibition "From Monet to Malevich: Great Modernists"

Visitors to the exhibition at ARTPLAY Design Center will get acquainted with the work of the best Expressionists, abstractionists, surrealists, suprematists and representatives of other art trends of the modern era, among them Gauguin, Degas , Klimt. Much attention will be paid to domestic modernists Vasily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich.

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World Sand Sculpture Championship

At the Fairground Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve the exhibition site of the 10th World Sand Sculpture Championship is located. It presents more than twenty figures devoted to the themes "World of Cinema", "World of Animals" and "World of Art". At the exhibition you can see the works of artists from Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania, India and the Netherlands.

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Arkhangelskoye Manor

Arkhangelskoye Manor is famous for its famous museum expositions and garden and park complex. For visitors excursions are organized, which introduce guests to samples of Russian and European cultural heritage. There are also temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists.

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Losiny Ostrov Park

In a relatively small area of the national park one can find coniferous forests, birch forests, swampy meadows, clearings, meadows, ponds, as well as man-made plantings of various tree species. Visitors will be able to see moose in their natural habitat or get to know them closer on the territory of Losiny Biostation. In ecological centers natural-historical expositions are presented, also it is possible to order excursions on various routes of park.

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Patriarchal Ponds

Patriarch's Ponds is a favorite holiday destination for Muscovites and visitors of the city, one of Moscow's most famous sights. Contrary to the name, there is only one pond surrounded by a cozy square. It was here that the characters of Bulgakov's novel Master and Margarita Ivan Bezdomny, Woland and Berlioz met.

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Saint Petersburg

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Today in Saint Petersburg

Closing of the season of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Philharmonic Society

In the Great Hall of the Saint Petersburg Academic Philharmonic. D. Shostakovich will be one of the final concerts of the season. In the program - Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Ravel and Strauss.

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ARTBAZAAR site, located in the exhibition hall "Art Bank", is a meeting place for masters of arts and crafts, artists and collectors. Visitors will be able to purchase copyrighted interior items, decorations, paintings, toys, glass, porcelain and ceramics, shoes and clothing.

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Exhibition "Center de gravité: The Power of Attraction"

A portrait of modern Russia tried to create French, Canadian, American and Russian photographers. You can see what they have done in the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Sand Sculpture Festival

On the beach Peter and Paul Fortress there is a festival of sand sculptures, which this year are united by the theme "Russia the Great". The guests of the exhibition will see stories about the conquest of Siberia, the Great Patriotic War, the cruiser Aurora, Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita, and meet the favorite heroes of Soviet cinema and Russian folk tales.

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Bioexperimentanium exhibition

Interactive platform, where in the game form you can get acquainted with the laws of biology, works in the art space "Konyushennaya, 2". Children and their parents will be shown installations "Listening to your teeth", "How much water are in you", "Laser growth meter", "Protoptitsa", "Brain of genius", "Temperature of animals" and others.

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Today in Kazan

Concert of Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble

In the Tatar Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. Musa Jalil with the classical program will perform the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble named after Moiseev. Guests of the evening will see such famous works as "Zhok", "Summer", "Sirtaki" and others.

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Exhibition "The Ancient History of Tatarstan"

The exhibition dedicated to the ancient life of the Tatar people is open in the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan. Visitors are waiting for genuine finds and restored items: things from everyday use, clothing items and housing.

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Today in Sochi

Yew-boxwood grove

Tiso-Boxwood Grove is the only natural monument of the pre-glacial period. Here, unique trees and shrubs grow, and the age of some plants exceeds two thousand years. The grove is located on the eastern slope of the Akhun mountain - from a 600-meter height, you can enjoy stunning views of the sea, the city panorama and the surroundings all the way to Pitsunda and the Caucasus mountain range.

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Tea houses

To plunge into the tradition of Russian tea drinking and appreciate the taste of the most northern tea in the world, you can visit the excursion complex "Tea Houses" near Sochi. Visitors will find a fascinating story about the traditions of Russian tea, delicious tea with jam, honey and nuts and a concert of folklore ensemble in folk costumes.

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Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium is the largest oceanarium on the southern coast of Russia. On the territory of 6000 square meters. M there are 30 aquariums with a total volume of 5 million liters of water. Visitors are waited by sea horses, unicorn fish, fish-ball, fish-cow, fish-hedgehog, fish-surgeon, all kinds of stingrays, catfish and other inhabitants of the ocean.

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