Confederations Cup: Day 11

Things to do in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi June 27
26 June 2017

June 27, 2017


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Today in Moscow

Free tours for fans of KK-2017

Historical Museum conducts free guided tours for fans of the Confederations Cup. They will be told about the dynasties of the Rurik and the Romanovs, they will show Rolls-Royce of Lenin and will get acquainted with the exhibition "Gold: Metal of the Gods and the King of Metals".

Excursions are held daily from 10:00 to 17:00. At the box office it will be necessary to show the Passport of the fan (FAN ID), then choose one of the seven languages - Russian, English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish or Italian.

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39th Moscow International Film Festival

One of the biggest events in the world cinema continues in Moscow. Until June 29, the audience will be shown the work of eminent and novice filmmakers from five continents.

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Exhibition "Landscapes of Old Moscow"

In the Historical Museum an exhibition "Landscapes of Old Moscow: Watercolors from the Collection of the Historical Museum, To the 870th Anniversary of Moscow", which presents a unique collection of drawings of the XVIII-XX C. The exposition includes about 70 watercolors, which depict ancient Moscow monuments and architectural ensembles.

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Vintage Music Museum at VDNKh

Over 300 ancient gramophones, phonographs, radios, radios and jukeboxes can be seen and heard at VDNKh. In the new museum - the House of Vintage Music - you can get acquainted with the history of the development of audio equipment, study each exhibit in detail and listen to archival records of performers of the middle of the last century.

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Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

The permanent exposition of the museum tells about the history of Russia from the time of the reign of Catherine II to our days on the example of the culture and way of life of the Jewish people. Twelve thematic pavilions are equipped with panoramic cinemas, interactive screens, audiovisual installations, the basis of which were photo and video archives, documents and interviews.

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Saint Petersburg

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Today in Saint Petersburg

Exhibition "The Best Photos of Russia 2016"

In the central exhibition hall "Manege" an exhibition of participants of the photo contest Best of Russia is open. The works are united by several themes: "People", "Events", "Nature", "Architecture".

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Exhibition of World Records and Incredible Facts "TITIKAKA"

In the space "Meeting place" Kazan, 7 "there are more than 60 exhibits, dedicated to world records and amazing facts from different areas - from mechanics to ufology .The exhibition includes four sections:" Wonders of Nature "," Dark spots of history "," Unusual people " And "Made in Russia".

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Exhibition of paintings on the tree

On the fourth floor of the creative space "Palma" is a permanent exhibition of contemporary paintings on the tree. Visitors are waiting for more than 150 works from 15 thematic collections.

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Anikushin Workshop

In the former workshop of the famous Saint Petersburg sculptor of the twentieth century, Mikhail Anikushin, you can still see a large machine, a pit with clay, a dotted machine and other tools. Now in the workshop there is a modern exhibition hall and space for master classes. Although the main exposition is devoted to monumental art, temporary exhibits on the sculpture, painting and architecture of Saint Petersburg are placed here regularly.

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Today in Kazan

Kazan Planetarium

Planetarium was opened four years ago and is equipped according to world experience and knowledge in this field. Visitors are waiting for an interactive tour, a popular science lecture on astronomy, a parade of planets and a full-dome film.

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The Museum of a Happy Childhood

The exposition, collected from things and objects familiar to every Soviet schoolboy, from the recreated class to the moped, which every boy dreamed of. Two floors are available for visitors: the first tells about the school, the second is designed as a retrospective from the kindergarten to the institute and the army campaign.

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Musical Fountain in Gorky Park

In 2014, a global reconstruction took place in the Gorky Park in Kazan. One of the main new attractions is the interactive musical fountain, which in the evenings turns into a real performance in the open air.

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Today in Sochi

Exhibition "Beetles and Butterflies of the World"

Visitors to the exhibition at Riviera Park can get acquainted with the variety of species of beetles and butterflies from around the world. The exposition presents more than 1500 insects.

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Exhibition "The Nature of the Western Caucasus"

The exhibition dedicated to the world of nature of the Caucasian Black Sea coast, works in Museum of the history of the resort city of Sochi .

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Exhibition "Russian Art of the 19-21 centuries"

Visitors to the Sochi Art Museum work an exhibition consisting of masterpieces of Russian painting of the 19-21 centuries. The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00.

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