Luzhniki football pitch to be planted with grass in August

The lawn will be sewn through with artificial fibres at a depth of 18cm or more
07 July 2016
Valery Sharifullin/ТАSS

The planting of grass in the playing field of Luzhniki Stadium is to begin in August, was told by Mars Gazizullin, CEO of Mosinzhproyekt.  

"All construction work has been completed at the stadium, including the flooring of the spectator stalls, Gazizullin said. “They are currently replacing the polycarbonate and drain chutes on the stadium roof and installing the border panels.” He said that the workers have also begun installing indoor utilities, fixtures and interior finishing.

"The outdoor utilities are almost done, and so is façade renovation and the construction and granite finishing of the stadium entrances,” he added.   

"The International Football Federation (FIFA) is very uptight on the quality of pitch grass at the stadium,” Gazizullin told “Indeed, the pitch has to withstand a lot of stress during matches. The root area of the lawn will be strengthened with SIS GRASS technology, involving the embedding of artificial fibres at depths of at least 18cm.”

The structure of the football pitch has been substantially altered during the reconstruction, according to Mars Gazizullin. "The old engineering of the pitch has been fully replaced. The turf foundation – a stratum more than two metres thick – has been also fully replaced because of its heterogeneous composition and inferior physical properties.” The pitch has been given a new root aeration system, efficient drainage, heating and watering.  

Luzhniki will be hosting the opening match, one of the semi-finals and the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™. The reconstruction will have increased the arena’s capacity from 78 to 81 thousand, brought the stalls as close as feasible to the pitch, and increased the number of entrances from 13 to 23. Massive remodelling and improvement work is in progress across the rest of the sports complex, outside the stadium. The arena will be completed by the end of the year. Next year all equipment is to be tested and debugged at Luzhniki Stadium.   



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