Monorail to be built in Samara by World Cup 2018

The 20 kilometre route will go through most of the city and will have 19 stops.
24 June 2015

A monorail leading to the Cosmos Arena Stadium will be built in Samara ahead of World Cup 2018. The route, financing and exact timeframe for the project will be determined later.

Head of the Samara City District Administration

If the project is co-financed by budgets of different levels and from public-private partnership, the first sections of the road may be open in time for World Cup 2018

Employing a new kind of transport has been discussed in Samara 20 years ago. At the time a specialized municipal enterprise was created. It was planned that the new route would connect the regional centre with Togliatti. However, the project was not seen to completion.

The monorail is to go through most of the city, connecting the railway terminal with one of the remote districts and the Cosmos Arena Stadium, which will host the World Cup 2018 games.

The 20 kilometre route will have 19 stops. One of the proposals is to use a hanging structure, where the train moves below the monorail – this would reduce harmful weather effects on the monorail.

The head of Samara administration has ordered the inclusion of the monorail project into the strategy for the municipal transport development.


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