More than 400 cultural heritage sites to be renovated in Samara for 2018 World Cup

86 facilities are going to be renovated in 2016
09 October 2015
Vladimir Smirnov/TASS

More than 400 objects of cultural heritage will be renovated in the historical center in Samara for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the representatives in the Samara region Governor told

86 facilities are going to be renovated in 2016.  Mainly the regional budget will be allocated to the reconstruction works, as well as federal sources and private investors.

In designing reconstruction projects serious historical research was carried out, particular architectural qualities are treated with respect. Thus, pre-revolutionary Art Nouveau bas-reliefs were found during the preparation for the reconstruction works on the building of former restaurant “Aquarium”, that were considered irretrievably lost. Thanks to reconstruction works that sculptural elements will again decorate the heritage-listed building, which is planned to host the Regional Puppet Theatre in the future.


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