Moscow metro gearing up for unmanned trains

Three trains already running in test mode on the ring line
20 February 2017

Moscow metro’s Kalininskaya (yellow) line is to launch the first unmanned trains in May 2017. That’s according to Moscow city hall’s press service.

These trains with Oka-model cars will be equipped with an autopilot system, which was tested in 2015. Radio beacons transmit traffic information to the train along the way, giving it bearings on the distance between trains on the line. Before the train leaves its loco depot, the autopilot’s database downloads all data on the route, speed limits and schedules.

At the moment, three unmanned trains with Rusich-model cars are already running on the ring line. The automated system controls most of the train’s driving functions, while a driver is in the cabin to monitor the process. The driver oversees the loading and unloading of passengers, door positions, track condition and train departure. In case of emergency, the driver takes over manually.


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