Moscow to create CCTV platform for the 2018 World Cup

To ensure maximum security the platform will monitor the situation in the capital during the World Cup
08 February 2017

In preparations for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, Moscow’s video surveillance system will become a basis for a CCTV platform, which will include cameras located at stadiums, fan zones, used in transport and pedestrian infrastructures as well as some private systems in hotels and shopping malls. This is according to Deputy Head of the Department of Information Techmnology Alesander Gorbatko.

"The creation of a CCTV platform will allow to achieve our main goal – to create a comfortable and safe environment during the 2018 World Cup," he said during the Security and Safety Technologies Forum.

The platform will monitor the progress of sites under construction and of maintenance during the preparation for the World Cup. It will also aid in infrastructure planning. In Summer 2018, when Moscow will be hosting the World Cup matches, the system will monitor the situation in the capital to ensure maximum security.

The CCTV platform collects and stores all data received from integrated cameras. The main part – over 150,000 cameras – includes the city’s surveillance system. Only law enforcement officers will have direct access to the feed.

The default storage period is five days, however, if necessary it can be extended to 90 days.


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