Moscow Zoo opens interactive elephant museum

Among the exhibits - photographs, drawings, videos and models created by artists specially for the museum
18 March 2016
Artem Geodakyan / TASS
Visitors at the elephant enclosure in the Moscow Zoo

Why do elephants walk quietly, do they have good ear for music and whether the animals can recognize themselves in a mirror – Moscow opens a museum dedicated to the largest land mammal. The museum will open on March 18 in the Moscow Zoo. Photos, drawings and videos will show the anatomy, physiology and elephants’ habits.

"The exhibition is interactive. Here you can even do something that is strictly forbidden in the zoo - touch elephant's trunk and explore its teeth by feel. These models were created by artists under the direction of the Moscow Zoo employees," the Moscow Department of Culture said.

TV presenter Pavel Lyubimtsev will participate in the opening ceremony of the museum, he will talk about the life of elephants in nature and the zoo.

Currently three Asian elephants live in the Moscow zoo - one male, one female and a calf. Elephant calves were born only five times in the Moscow Zoo. The latest calf was born in 2009, the one before was born in 1995 and was transferred to the Yerevan Zoo.


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