Moscow City Duma mulls Russian sport themed Metro train

The train may hit the route 12 months before World Cup 2018 starts.
01 March 2016

Moscow’s Metro system may get a train dedicated to sport achievements in 2017, according to Kirill Shchitov, chair of the Moscow City Duma panel on physical culture, sports and youth policy, who floated the idea at the panel meeting earlier today.

"We back the idea of launching such a train,” Shchitov said. “And we’ve decided to solicit train designs and name ideas for a competition, which we plan to put to a vote on the Active Citizen project. Our tentative launch date for the sports themed Metro train is one year prior to the beginning of the FIFA World Cup 2018.”  

There are about a dozen name-trains in the Moscow Metro, but no sports themed train yet, according to Aleksandra Abramova, chief of custom-project communications at the external relations office of GUP Moskovsky Metropoliten.  

"For such a train to be launched, Moscow’s department of transport and road infrastructure has to give its permission. The permission comes to us, and we get to work,” Abramova explained. “We have to have a financial partner, too. We work together with the partner to design the train, identify the route it will serve, and define the appropriate train model. Within one month after the design is firmed up, we will configure the materials and complete the pasting over of the train. We estimate the time required from zero to train launch to be about two months.”  

The idea to launch a sports themed train in Moscow came up in light of the forthcoming sports highlight, FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia,TM according to Shchitov. "But the theme artwork on the train does not need to be limited to football,” he said. 


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