Moscow government to train more than 5,000 volunteers and 200 guide-interpreters for 2018 World Cup

1,305 guide-interpreters and 650 professional tour guides are currently working in Moscow
26 February 2016
Nikolay Galkin / TASS
Tourist group in the Moscow Metro

Moscow government are going to train more than 5,000 volunteer tour guides, more than 200 guides and 450 professional tour guides for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, according to Head of the Moscow Department of national policy, inter-regional relations and tourism Vladimir Chernikov. 

"We are actively training specialists – tour-guides and guide-interpreters with knowledge of foreign languages. Currently, the city has 1,305 guide-interpreters and 650 professional tour guides. In 2018, these numbers will increase by more than 200 guide-interpreters and 450 professional tour guides. In addition, 5,000 volunteer tour-guides will be trained before 2018,” Chernikov said. He added that 69 tour guides will be trained in 2016, including 34 guides with uncommon languages, and 170 professional tour guides.


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