Moscow metro maps will feature bicycle track and parks near stations

The maps will be updated to reflect the wishes of the passengers before the launch of the Moscow Central Ring
29 August 2016
Andrey Mahonin/TASS
Moscow Metro maps will be updated to reflect the wishes of the passengers before the launch of the Moscow Central Ring, Moscow Transport Department said, adding that the voting on objects that might appear on the new metro map was completed on the Moscow transport website.

"Around 5,000 people participated in the survey. The top-5 choices with the most votes included transfers from the Moscow Central Ring to the Moscow Metro with the distance between the stations and time, transfer stations to suburban trains, as well as the closest bicycle track and parks," the press service of the department said.

There were also proposals for including information about intercept parking, stations adapted for passengers with limited mobility, ground transfer stations and overpasses.

"By the time of launching the Moscow Central Ring the maps everywhere will be renewed,” the press service said. It is planned to put Moscow parks and gardens on the maps located in the metro lobbies. Other voted objects will be put on all maps, including the ones in the subway cars in all lines of the Moscow Metro.

The Moscow Central Ring will connect not only the metro, but also radial railway lines, city surface transport, as well as the largest sports facilities, gardens and parks of the city. Gardens and parks include Mihalkovo manor Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo, Botanical Garden, VDNKh, parks Losiniy Ostrov and Sokolniki, Izmaylovsky Park, Vorobyovy Gory.

The Moscow Central Ring includes 31 stations, 17 direct underground transit stations and 10 transit stations to suburban trains. Passengers can transit to surface transport from every station. The Moscow Central Ring will be launched gradually. The first stage – September 10, 2016 – 14 transfer stations to the Moscow Metro and 6 stations to suburban trains. In total, the citizens will have more than 350 new transfer options when moving around the city.


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