Moscow’s Zaryadye Park to get archaeological pavilion

The foundation of the Kitai-Gorod wall will be featured as an exhibit
05 May 2016
Sergei Fadeichev/ТАSS
Model of the landscape architectural concept for Zaryadye Park

Moscow’s Zaryadye Park will have its own archaeological exhibition centre, was told by Leonid Kondrashev, head archaeologist of Moscow.

"It will be a roofed exhibition centre with exhibits such as the foundation of the Kitai-Gorod wall of Moscow, which was dismantled in Soviet time,” Kondrashev said. “The remnants of Moscow’s Velikaya Ulitsa will also be there, as will the archaeological artefacts dug up in the park itself.”

Those “artefacts” are no small fry, according to Kondrashev. There is a hoard of 20,000 old coins and a late 14th-century birch bark manuscript among them. “People walking by, aiming for a riverside stroll, will not miss our little museum, which will be open to all visitors,” he said, adding that the exhibits will be protected by vandal-proof glass.

Zaryadye is the park being developed in place of Rossiya Hotel, which was pulled down. Located right next to Red Square, the park is scheduled to open to the public at the end of 2017. ​


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