Moscow’s Zaryadye Park to have a circular panorama

Successive 3D images will show the history of the park’s creation
13 September 2016
ТАSS/State Unitary Enterprise "Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan"
A layout of the Zaryadye Park’s architectural concept
The Zaryadye Park, which is to open in 2017, will have a circular panorama hall with an interactive floor built in the park’s media centre, according to the website of Moscow’s administration.

"Successive 3D images will show the history of the park. Visitors will see the creation of natural landscapes, of the "levitating" lace bridge, and other significant stages of constructing the park on the Moskva River embankment. In addition, viewers will be offered to see scenes from the historical neigbourhood’s life, watch how many changes Varvarka Street went through in the course of XIX-XX centuries," writes the administration.

The interactive floor will enhance the effect on the whole experience; panoramic images will be transmitted onto it synchronously with the screens.

The city’s administration also wrote about previously unknown details of the "levitating" bridge. According to the project, the weight of the structure will reach 3,650 tons. From the 100-meter tall bridge visitors will be able to see the Kremlin, the park itself and downtown embankments.

The Zaryadye Park, which is being built on the former site of the Rossiya Hotel, will connect many walking and tourist routes in Moscow; from Varvarka street and Bolshoy Moskvoretskiy bridge to Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills).

In addition to unusual plants, visitors of the park will be able to see interesting architectural works; an ice cave where everything will be covered in snow all year round, a lace bridge which will connect the Moscow river embankments, and a glass dome greenhouse which will be built on a hill overlooking a garden on the roof of the philharmonic hall, as well as the "Flying over Russia" amusement ride.

Zaryadye Park will offer free admission to everyone. The only places which will require tickets are concert and exhibition areas.


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