Moscow to get the world’s biggest clock

Its gigantic dial will top the dome of Moskva City amusement centre
21 October 2016
Architecture and Metropolitan Development Committee of Moscow
The clock dial about to be mounted on the top of Moskva-City amusement complex is poised to go on the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest in the world, according to the press office of the Architecture and Metropolitan Development Committee of Moscow.

The clock will be 64 metres in diameter, easily exceeding the current world record of 43 metres, which belongs to the time-piece atop a new high-rise tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The building itself was designed to resemble an encrusted lacquer box with a clock movement inside. The main entrance atrium is styled to look like an exposed clockwork mechanism, while the escalators are reminiscent of compressed springs

The clock will be visible from every office tower in Moskva City as well as from the pedestrian level, according to Moscow’s Architect General Sergey Kuznetsov.

The new complex, to be inaugurated on the cusp of 2017, will house a multiplex cinema/concert venue, some restaurants, cafés, bars, a beach club, SPA and health centres, art galleries, beauty salons, and other establishments for entertainment and leisure. The dome will be partially retracted in the summer to let some sun into the beach club.

The building is sized a total of around 40,000 square metres.


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