Moscow to restore two wooden mansions by 2018

The mansions that used to belong to Sytin and von Berens are on the list of architectural landmarks  
28 June 2016

Restoration is to begin before the end of 2016 on the mansion, in Sytinsky Pereulok, that once belonged to corporal Andrey Sytin, according to the information posted on the official website of the mayor and government of Moscow. The wooden columns and stucco mouldings will be restored, and the nine basement windows, filled in with brickwork in 1970, will be “reopened.” The restoration will be guided by photos from the early 1900s. The three tiled wood-burning ovens that were in the house in the early 1800s will be restored as well, according to the official newsletter.   

Replacement of the decayed wooden beams and crownwork is currently in progress on the von Berens house in Gusyatnikov Pereulok. Working on the house since early May, the workers have discovered that the house was originally dark red colour, not yellow, like it is now.  

Sytin’s Mansion (1806) was one of the few wooden buildings to have survived the 1812 fire of Moscow. The most recent restoration was performed on the building in 1976. The von Berens Mansion, built in 1871, was converted to communal apartments in the 1920, then housed some administrative offices from the 1970s on.

Some 70 historic wooden buildings are officially on record as architectural landmarks in Moscow.



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