Museum of Russian impressionist art to open in Moscow

The permanent exhibition, housed in a former factory building, will feature about 80 works
25 May 2016
A museum of Russian impressionist art with a permanent exhibition, based on the collection of Boris Mints, temporary exhibitions and educational projects will be opened in the former factory in Moscow on May 27, according to Director of the Museum Yulia Petrova.
"The museum's permanent exhibition will feature about 80 works. Among them such well known names as Konstantin Korovin, Valentin Serov. We have a piece from Boris Kustodiev called "Venice", which we have shown in exhibitions before the opening of the museum – it changes the traditional understanding of the artist. Of course, we have included Yuri Pimenov in the exhibition, who considered himself realistic impressionist. There will be a number of artists, less known to the general public," Petrova said. Along with the museum’s permanent exhibition the visitors can see the exhibition of Arnold Lakhovsky "The Enchanted Wanderer".
Bureau John McAslan+Partners oversaw the reconstruction of the former warehouse building on Leningradsky Avenue, 15 for the museum. As a result, the flour storage turned into a space with exhibition halls, a cinema, modern educational area, a cafe and a shop.
In fall, the works from the permanent exhibition will go on tour in Sofia museum "Square 500", and the project will host the project of artist Valery Koshlyakov. "Mints has quite a lot of his works in the collection, but specifically for this project Koshliakov creates new paintings right now - completely new, not seen by anyone. Together with curator Danilo Ecker, Director of the Turin Museum of Art, they will create something quite fantastic," Petrova said.
The permanent exhibition resumes in December with addition of works from other collectors. "Many artists are rarely seen on the art market, some key works for the museum were bought before us, and the owners are not going to part with them. That is why we are talking about cooperation," Director of the museum said.
A museum of Russian impressionist art was opened in 2012 and in anticipation of its own building led an active exhibition and educational work in Russia and abroad. In particular, its exhibitions were shown in Venice, Freiburg, Ekaterinburg, Saratov and Ivanovo.


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