New trains of Moscow Metro to have warm handrails and lights indicators on doors

Subway cars also will be equipped with interactive digital maps of the Moscow Metro that will display train movement on the line
29 February 2016
Artem Korotaev / TASS

New generation of pass thru subway cars, which by 2018 should fully replace the old cars on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line if the Moscow Metro, will be equipped with warm handrails, according to official website of the Moscow city administration citing the press service of Transmashholding – manufacturer of subway cars. "Handrails will create an illusion of a warm cover. The technology will be presented in detail later,” the report said. Additional handrails will be installed on the ceiling near the doors.

Red and green lights along the doors outlines and an audio signal will announce the beginning and end of boarding. The cars also will be equipped with interactive digital circuits of the Moscow metro, which will show the movement of trains on the line.

New trains will be more quiet. The intensity of illumination inside the cars will be adjusted to the level comfortable for passengers in transport hubs. Each car will have air conditioning and disinfection systems. New trains will also have space for the passengers with limited mobility with possibility of fixing wheelchairs, and the doors will be wider.

The design engineers have paid great attention to security issues. Special deformation elements are installed on all intercar coupling mechanisms in the event of a collision or emergency braking would be capable of taking some of the energy and reducing the negative impact on people. The video surveillance system in the cars will clearly capture faces – significantly helping to fight potential terrorists and criminals.

The ordering customer will start to receive trains of higher class in 2017. According to the contract, Transmashholding will deliver 768 cars of new type (96 trains) until 2020. The Moscow Metro was the first in Russia to purchase cars on life cycle contracts - the manufacturer is obliged not only to supply, but also to service cars for 30 years of their operation.

The contract includes penalties in the event of situations that violate the underground operation due to a malfunction of the rolling stock (450,000 rubles for each case of violation of traffic schedule due to poor performance). This gives manufacturer additional impetus to ensure the high quality of its production and services. The manufacturer uses original spare parts for repair works, which also increases the level of traffic safety.


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