New aquabus routes may be launched in 2016 in St. Petersburg

The only route currently available, Primorskaya line, is promised to remain operational

03 June 2015
Alexander Demyanchuk/TASS

Three new river public transport (aquabus) routes are planned for launch in 2016. There only current line, which runs through one of the residential districts, will remain as well, the authorities promised. Creation of new lines will entail dredging.

Consultations between fare price committee and transport operators are already underway. By august subsidy bids will be made available, and the tender will be held in winter. Alexei Lvov, deputy head of the city transport committee said that the city may increase subsidies to reduce fare prices of the aquabus. Currently the day ticket is 200 rubles on weekdays and 382 rubles on weekends.

The St. Petersburg aquabus was launched in 2010. At the time there were four routes operating in Central, Primorsky, Kurortny and Nevsky districts. In 2014 all but one, Primorsky, were shut down.

The subject of water public transport was once again raised by Igor Albin, Vice Governor of Saint Petersburg, who oversees the transport committee. A workgroup tasked with preparing the technical design specification for the tender is composed of the current aquabus operator MBS, a representative of the Association of Passenger Vessel Owners, operators Neva Travel and Astra Marin, as well as local government officials and MPs.

Next year the aquabus network may be expanded to its former size. Potential routes include Universitetskaya embankment (it already has an aquabus stop), Ekaterinhof bridge, Lieutenant Schmidt embankment; Krestovsky Island to Park Of The 300th Anniversary Of St. Petersburg; Okhta river from St. Petersburg to Kronstadt via the Obvodny Canal.

We’re looking into several routes: connecting Kronstadt and St. Petersburg, residential area at Yachtennaya ulitsa to Krestovsky island as well as Neva route from Rybatskoe metro station to Arsenal embankment
Alexei Lvov, deputy head of the city transport committee

In summer of 2015 aquabuses began making trips from Primorsky prospekt quay to Rumyantsevsky spusk at the Universitetskaya embankment. The route has five stops – Ushakovskaya embankment, Petrogradskaya embankment, Arsenalnaya embankment, Kronverksky Strait, Angliyskaya embankment. Two stops (Summer Garden and Aptekarskaya embankment) were removed. The aquabuses have a 15 minute interval. A total of six vessels with a capacity for 12 passengers are available on weekdays; on weekends they’re joined by two 30-passenger aquabuses.


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