Nizhny Novgorod laying second tunnel to Strelka metro station near 2018 World Cup stadium

Nizhny Novgorod began laying the second tunnel leading to the Strelka metro station near a 2018 World Cup stadium
04 October 2016
Nizhny Novgorod began laying the left running tunnel to the Strelka metro station, which will be built near the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ stadium, the Transport Directorate-2018 told

"One and a half months had passed since the works on the right tunnel were completed. During this time the Tatiana tunneling shield was moved to the installation chamber of the left tunnel, set up, startup and adjustment procedures were completed and workers began laying the new tunnel. By Monday, they have already set to temporary support rings. In total, there are two shifts made up of 900 people and 25 units of equipment working on the site," the directorate commented the beginning of the works.

In time for the 2018 World Cup the Strelka station designed to make access to the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium easier will be completed. The construction of the station and tunnel-related structures in the coastal zone of Lake Meshcherskiy is conducted in open pits with "slurry wall" fortifications. Running tunnels are laid using a closed method with the help of the Tatiana tunneling shield, which is six meters in diameter. The length of the machine is over 80 meters and it weighs 415 tons.

The total length of the construction site including the metro station is 2,499 meters. The new line’s traffic capacity will reach 40 trains during rush hour in one direction and its passenger flow will amount to 28,000 people during rush hour. The new tunnels will allow metro trains to reach the speed of over 40 kph.


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