Russia 2018 LOC talks about 2018 World Cup impact on country development

The report assessed the positive changes in the economic, social and environmental spheres
25 April 2018

Russia 2018 Local Organising Committee (LOC) Chairman, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, presented the evaluation report on the impact of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ on the economic, social and environmental spheres of the country. Alexey Sorokin, Director General of the Organising Committee, took part in the presentation as well.

An evaluation was given of the one-time and long-term effect of preparation to the World Cup in terms of producing additional GDP, creating jobs, per capita income, influencing the development of the host regions, human capital, as well as social and environmental situation.

 According to the research, additional skills of preparation and hosting of large tournaments were received by 210 thousand Russians. In the construction industry, 79 thousand increased qualification, 38 thousand boosted skills in the hospitality and catering industry, 18 thousand in transport and communications, 18 thousand improved skills in other utility, social and personal services, and 5 thousand received experience in organisation of the tournament. 52 thousand people received skills of volunteers and stewards.

The presented report notes an immense influence of the tournament on the development of physical fitness and sports. Eight stadiums were built in the country, four arenas were reconstructed, 95 training grounds appeared.

During preparation for the tournament, 10 projects for the construction and modernisation of water supply and sewege systems, along with 4 infrastructure upgrade projects for integrated processing and storage of solid domestic waste (SDW) were implemented. 16 regional city hospitals were repaired. In Volgograd, a helipad for medical helicopters was built, in Kaliningrad - a new site for the emergency aid corps, in Samara, two health care facilities were improved, including intensive care, X-ray and endoscopy units. 622 ambulances were purchased.

During the preparation period, 20 railway terminals and stations were reconstructed and modernized, with the total length of constructed and reconstructed roads at 178 km. The throughput capacity of airports in cities that will host tournament matches has increased by at least 30% (Nizhny Novgorod), and in five cities this figure has exceeded 100% - Volgograd (280), Samara (130), Rostov-on-Don (120), Saransk (100) and Yekaterinburg (100). In three cities - Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Saint Petersburg - new metro stations were opened. In all cities that will host games, the fleet of ground transportation has been updated: from 5% in Saint Petersburg to 74% in Kazan.

The report reminds that during the tournament there will be 360 cultural and educational events across the country. It is also noted that the high quality of the World Cup depends on fulfillment of three main conditions - the outgoing nature and competence of volunteers, high quality of organisation of the event, and security. The tournament is said to have boosted the image of the country: 77% of Russians believe that holding the tournament contributes to the country's prestige.


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