Preparation of Ekaterinburg Arena football field begins

Works on the sports facility air-conditioning system have also started
26 April 2017

Football field preparation began at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Ekaterinburg stadium. This was reported by the stadium reconstruction general contractor Sinara Development media service.

"In April football field installation began: the construction site has been completely cleared, the ground foundation for the lawn is being prepared. Several layers will be laid next, including sand padding to level the field surface, a waterproof membrane, a grid system for stabilizing the lawn, crushed stone of several fractions, soil. In addition irrigation, drainage and heating systems will be installed. In the final phase, which will begin in July, natural grass will be sown," the statement said.
It also notes that the company has started the installation of the sports facility air conditioning system. "In a specially equipped facility, five large-scale refrigerating machines are being installed, which will provide air conditioning for all facilities under the stands. In addition dry coolers will be placed outside the stands at the Ekaterinburg Arena. The air conditioning system of the stadium includes the installation of fan coils in the rooms, as well as an independent air conditioning systems installation in some facilities," the report says.

The conditioning system installation is planned to be completed in autumn.
Ekaterinburg Arena will host four matches of the 2018 World Cup group stage.


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