Rail transport to become main transport for fans 2018 World Cup

According to the poll results of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Transport Directorate held in nine languages
25 August 2016
Sergey Karpov/TASS
The 2018 FIFA World Cup Transport Directorate finalized the first results of the survey of 2018 FIFA World Cup fans on their preferences in transport services during the event. The survey was conducted in nine languages on the website of the Directorate.

The press service of the Directorate told welcome2018.com that 81% of respondents are going to the matches with their families or friends, about 60% of respondents chose rail transport as a priority transport service, around 52% prefer high-speed trains, 24% - the usual.

"To date, 1,143 people took our survey. It is not even the latest data. We will continue the survey, because we want to make transport infrastructure of the 2018 World Cup the best in the history of major sports events. Every opinion is important for us, every wish. We received roughly the results that we expected. That is why we need to make all the necessary efforts to make rail transport free of charge for the fans. The necessary amendments have been already submitted to the Russian legislation, and now the mechanism of free rail transportation between the 2018 World Cup host cities is in development,” General Director of the Directorate Terenty Meshcheryakov.

The majority of the fans are planning to arrive in the host city either the day before the match, or on the day of the game - almost 83% of respondents. The fans prefer not staying in the host cities – 84% of them will leave the cities immediately after the match, or the next day.

If we consider the social portrait of a fan, who will actively move around the country – it is a man between 16 and 35 years old. Almost 60% of respondents plan to follow the national team from city to city, up until it either loses or wins the Championship.

"Despite the fact that we have been carrying out the survey for several months and the available results confirm our plans and expectations set in the Joint Operational Transport Plan, the survey will continue, if need be up to the beginning of the World Cup," Meshcheryakov said.


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