Ringing in the New Year in Russia, off-the-beaten-track

20 reasons why Russia is truly a traveller’s paradise
27 November 2015

The Russian tourism authority, Rosturism, expects a 20% rise in domestic tourism this year on 2014. While Moscow, St. Petersburg, Crimea and Krasnodar Region remain the most sought-after destinations, more travellers set sights on Altai, Kemerovo Region, Kazan, the Golden Ring, and the Maritimes in the Russian Far East. Two million people have visited the Altai Region this year.

This may sound like news, but weathered travellers know Russia is the tourist’s paradise. They say, when you’ve seen every part of Russia, you’ve seen the whole world. Why covet the Alps when downhill skiing is just as good in Sochi, plus it’s by the sea. If you miss the cosy embankments of Bruges or Amsterdam, try Yoshkar-Ola as a replacement. If you love German architecture, you’ll find plenty of it in and around Kaliningrad, formerly Koenigsberg!  

The autumn is almost over, it’s time to make plans for your New Year’s Season holidays. Check out a few suggestions in this welcome2018.com gallery. Here are 20 exotic travel destinations in different parts of Russia.  


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