Ronaldinho: Confederations Cup is as important as World Cup

Brazilian footballer noted that the tournament, which precedes the world championship, gives a chance to young players to show themselves
22 May 2017

The FIFA Confederations Cup is no less significant and important than the World Cup for the players, as it gives young players a chance to prove themselves. This opinion was expressed by the 2002 world champion, Ronaldinho.

"I don't agree that the Confederations Cup is a less significant tournament, I believe that it is also very important," he said. "Players understand that if they show themselves well during the Confederations Cup, they will have a good chance of getting on World Cup, so, of course, this is not less significant tournament, it is also important."

Ronaldinho participated in the FIFA Confederations Cup 1999, where the Brazil team reached the finals, when lost to the Mexico team with a score of 3 - 4. Ronaldinho, who was at the time 19, was named the best player of the tournament. In addition, with six goals, he became its top scorer.

"I remember my first performance at the Confederations Cup very well; I showed my best, I became recognized. This participation is a good chance for young players to prove themselves," Ronaldinho said.

The footballer believes that fan support will help the Russia team to successfully perform at the home Confederations Cup. "I believe that the Russia national team has a big advantage - it will play at home. Support of the fans is certainly very important, it's a good motivator," Ronaldinho said.


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