Roof installed over World Cup stadium in Saint Petersburg

The arena is currently under construction; seating works, elevator, escalator and utility facility installation are underway, as well as deployment of retractable field and first line of security
20 August 2015
Sergei Fadeichev/TASS
Stadium construction at the Krestov Island in Saint Petersburg

The roof has been successfully installed at the stadium to be built for the World Cup 2018 at Krestov Island in Saint Petersburg. The arena is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2016.

A representative of the Transstroy company noted: “The roof weighs around 23 thousand tons and spans over 71 thousand square metres, supported by 40 cables attached to 8 pylons and 56 hinge pedestals at the highest point of the stadium.” The spokeperson added that four concrete pylons were installed to reinforce structural integrity of the construction.

Each cable supporting the stadium roof consists of 72-110 strands of steel wire 30 to 40 metres long. A strand consists of seven galvanized steel wires with a shaft, protected with a lubricant and covered by plastic housing. The total length of all the strands is around 100 kilometres. Transstory spokesperson highlighted that using two systems – cables and columns – ensures stability of the system at various challenges, such as heavy snow cover and strong winds, as well as temperature fluctuations.

The majority of utility facilities, finishing and window panes are already in place. Seating, lifts and escalators are next in line to be finished, along with a retractable field, the first security line and general amenities.

Krestov Island stadium construction started in 2006. The final cost of the build is 34.9 billion rubles. The area is expect to accommodate 69 thousand visitors. 


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