Rostourism showcases 2018 World Cup host cities as attractive travel destinations

Russian tourism authority touted the tourist potential of the World Cup host cities at Europe Square expo in Paris
12 July 2016
Ruslan Shamukov/ТАSS
Dancing Forest, Lesnoy, Curonian Spit National Park, Kaliningrad Oblast

Rostourism showcased the host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia as attractive travel destinations at an expo in Paris, was told by Rostourism press office. The Europe Square expo was timed to run concurrently with Euro 2016.  

The host city presentation offered football fans a choice of tours, ranging from conventional sightseeing to extreme adventure packages, including car racing. 

Here are some of the newest tour options:

  • Moscow. To its usual offering of sightseeing options (on land and water) Moscow has added a few sports tours, taking in the capital’s major arenas: Spartak, Cherkizovo Arena (FC Lokomotiv home) and Luzhniki. There are also some segway and scooter tours on offer.   
  • In addition to the opportunity to admire its magnificent palaces and churches, St. Petersburg now offers a St. Petersburg Football Tour, focusing on the landmarks associated with the local FC Zenit, one of the leading football clubs in Russia.
  • Krasnodar Region bets on the people of Kuban, who are famous for their hospitality (the tours include an introduction to Cossack culture, horse riding shows, and sampling of the local cuisine), and on the unique offering of Sochi with its hospitality facilities, built for the 2014 Olympic Games. Among the attractions Sochi has to offer are the Olympic Park, extreme midway rides, water park, aquarium, dolphinarium, chopper tours and yacht tours.
  • Kaliningrad Oblast would like to remind everyone how close it is to “real” Europe, both geographically and historically. For example, Kaliningrad offers an eight-day tour to explore 10 Teutonic Order-era medieval castles. Those who wish to experience local nature are invited on a tour of the Curonian Spit and the “Amber Tour,” devoted to the processing of amber, a unique natural material, into jewellery.  
  • Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, offers a tour named “Autodrive,” which includes a visit to the KamAZ truck factory and Kazan Ring car racetrack.
  • Yekaterinburg keeps promoting its new tourist brands: “Industrial Urals,” “Ural Minerals” and “Ural the Rock Capital.” However, the tour devoted entirely to the Romanov Family has all the makings of a major success.
  • Volgograd stays true to the patriotic theme. Foreign visitors are offered a choice of tours: Volgograd the Hero City, Walks around Tsaritsin, Russian Mansions, History Museum of the Volga-Don Canal, and Russian Statehood History Park, to name a few.  
  • Saransk, voted the safest and most comfortable city in Russia, emphasizes the ethnic theme, focusing on Mordovian culture, but also offers a Saransk Football package, which includes a large offering of sports master classes.
  • Samara Oblast makes its visitors several tour offers which are impossible to resist: The Great Volga, The Great Tea Way, The Red Route, The Silk Way, and some Volga cruises.
  • Nizhny Novgorod also bets heavily on the river cruises. The city has long river voyages, as well as short boat rides, in store for the visitors, such as a round trip from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod and back. Nizhny has spiced up its offering with a hot-air balloon sightseeing tour.
  • Rostov-on-Don wants its guests to feel the vibes of Russia’s south, inviting them to explore the city’s finest parks, the biggest market in all of southern Russia, the neighbouring town of Azov, and the Don delta.  



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