Rostov Arena close to completing pitch subsoil

Workers continue dismantling temporary metallic structures
10 November 2016
Valery Matytsin/ТАSS
The laying of subsoil is almost complete for the Rostov Arena which will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia ™. According to the press service of Rostov region governor, the works are 78% complete.
Further on, drainage and other engineer systems will be installed in the soil. In the final stage of the construction, the pitch will have a natural football grass field.

As of today, the stadium has completed the construction of 92% of reinforced concrete stairs, 90% of brick subwalls and 80% of exterior wall works. Workers also completed 60% of pre-assembled elements for the stands.
Large metal panels are being erected on the stadium’s facade.

Workers continue dismantling temporary metallic structures, which supported the roof during its construction. Roofing works are almost complete, requiring only a membrane; the roof is completely supported by suspension cables.
Plaster work, the installing of electric and heating systems, water and sewage systems is still under way. Monolithic structures for future offices boxes are 83% complete.
The construction of fences and the development of the territory around the stadium is also in progress.

The deadline for the construction is December 25, 2017.


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