“RUSSIA 2018” displayed outside Kaliningrad’s World Ocean Museum

The 18-metre installation was moved here from Kant Island
20 May 2016
Kaliningrad 2018 LOC
The 3D letters RUSSIA 2018, on their way around Kaliningrad, have moved from Kant Island to the World Ocean Museum

The city came up with the display during the events celebrating the start of the 1000 days countdown towards FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia™. The letters were reassembled again for the LOFT youth initiative outside the House of Soviets, where the Fan Fest is to be staged in 2018. The next stop was Victory Square.   

In the run-up towards the Museum Night, which was last Friday night in Kaliningrad, the giant letters had been deployed outside the new building, dubbed “Depth Pavilion,” of the World Ocean Museum, across from the legendary ship, the Vityaz.

This location was not a random choice. The World Ocean Museum, the only museum of its kind in Russia, is the city’s and region’s signature landmark. It has been consistently improved and never ceases to draw locals and visitors alike. The museum’s pavilions and outdoor displays were seen by over 500,000 visitors last year alone.   

A miniature model of Stadium Kaliningrad is soon to be deployed at the Depth Pavilion, complete with an interactive map of all World Cup 2018 venues and Kaliningrad’s landmarks. From then on, the pavilion will be constantly augmented with new updates, covering the city’s and region’s preparation for hosting the football highlight.  


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