Russian Union of Travel Industry: Kaliningrad recreational tourism up 20-25%

Most tourists combine sightseeing tours of the area with resting on the Baltic Sea shore
28 July 2016
Vladimir Smirnov/TASS
Curonian Spit, Kaliningrad region

Tour operators note an increase in demand for Kaliningrad recreational tourism by 20-25%, they do not have enough capacity to accommodate all visitors, spokesperso for the Russian Union of Travel Industry Irina Turina told Interfax.

"The cost of round trip flight from Moscow to Kaliningrad this summer ranges from 25,000 to 40,000 rubles. Carriers set the same price for one-way tickets during the peak season dates in July. However, according to representatives of the tourist industry, despite expensive tickets hotels in the city and on the coast are literally packed with tourists," Turina said.

According to Baltma Tours CEO Mikhail Drutman, it is impossible to find accommodation for August in Kaliningrad, or the coastal cities. The company's sales increased by 25% year-on-year. Tourists generally book city hotels in tours that combine regional sightseeing tours with resting on the beach.

“Vremena Goda" CEO Irina Litvinovich noted that tourists from all over the country come mainly by themselves, as tour operators quickly exhausted their possibilities. "This year, there are twice more Russians than a year ago, they stay not only in hotels, but their friends and relatives. We used all the guides, including 30-40 new ones," she said.

Coastal hotel complex "Altrimo", according to its manager Dmitry Kirillov, sold out for the high season in April, only spot reservations are left. "At the same time, the “leftovers” are hard to sell due to deficit of flight tickets, despite the 13-15 daily flights from Moscow," he said. Now the hotel is 100% loaded, in may the figure was around 80%, same months last year – only 40-45%.

“Delphin” General Director Sergey Romashkin said since the beginning of the year volume growth for Kaliningrad amounted to 20% year-on-year. According to him, there are not enough subsidized flight tickets for everyone, although it is possible to buy round trip tickets for around 11,000 rubles in advance. The expert believes it is necessary to extend the scope of subsidies; the program should include not only the residents of the Kaliningrad region, but the tourists who can use only plane to travel to the region.


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