Saint Petersburg’s 2018 World Cup stadium hosted its first match

The match was held between the a Metrostroy team and a team of construction workers.
27 October 2016
The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ stadium in Saint Petersburg, which is currently under construction, hosted its first ever football match. The teams of Metrostroy (the main contractor) and construction workers went onto the removable field, which was installed in the stadium earlier this week.

The teams played two halves 45 minutes each and the game ended with a score of 6:2.

The field will soon be rolled out of the stadium and put into storage for winter. It will be kept in this state approximately until the end of January, when preparations for its restoration will begin. The field will be “awoken” in about two months after that. In March, the stadium is to be home to Zenit FC home matches.


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