2018 World Cup preparations: 356 medical workers pass special training in Samara

Doctors have been taught disaster medicine used during sports events
15 December 2016
Samara’s regional centre of disaster medicine and emergency medical care started teaching additional medical education programmes to health workers in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™.

Doctors use specialized equipment to practice urgency, first aid, emergency medical care and further medical care techniques, to learn disaster medicine used during international sports events, the local government’s press service told welcome2018.com.

"The training simulates different situations, we pay a lot of attention not just to medical care, but to organizing the process and interacting with all of the participants. At the end of the training, they (health workers – Welcome2018) will require to pass exams and only those with the best results will be allowed to take part in the championship," said Chief Doctor of the 2018 World Cup stadium in Samara Armen Benyan.

According to the health workers, whey help each other during the training course. So, neurologist Vyacheslav Mishanin is helping his colleagues to deal with walkie-talkies – an important tool for a doctor working at the World Cup, which most medical workers don’t usually use in their line of work.

"We don’t just improve our skills in first aid at these courses, we are being taught how to quickly react and make immediate decisions, which will be very useful in case of an emergency. I am sure that my colleagues and I will provide good medical care in 2018. I am proud that I will be able to take part in such a major international event," Mishanin said.

In 2016 alone some 356 health workers from 11 health care institutions in Samara passed this course. They are mandatory for all doctors, who will work at World Cup venues. However, the training is also provided to those doctors, who will work at hospitals.

Photo: Administration of Samara - World Cup 2018 host city


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