Saransk included in the Great Volga Route tourism project

30 September 2016
Stanislav Krasilnikov/ТАSS
The Cathedral of the Holy and Righteous Warrior Feodor Ushakov. Saransk
The Russian Ministry of Culture presented the global transregional route called the Great Volga Route. According to the Mordovian tourist-information centre, the route will be interesting not only to Russians, but to foreign tourists as well. It’s took account peculiarities of all regions included into the Volga Federal District, which helped make the tourist route rich with historical and cultural facts.

The transregional Great Volga Route includes Mordovia’s capital as well. While in Saransk, tourists will visit the Cathedral of the Holy and Righteous Warrior Feodor Ushakov, the Museum of Fine Arts named after Stepan Erzya, the Makarov Monastery, and will be offered to try national dishes at the Mordovskoye podvorie.

The name of the route isn’t a coincidence either; historically part of the Silk Road was called the Great Volga Route. The part which connects the modern European part of Russia with countries of Central Asia. National and cultural diversity of the regions within the Volga basin are just as relevant today as they were back then.


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