“Secret guests” to check Samara restaurants and cafes in preparation for 2018 World Cup

There will be no special requirements for public dining facilities, unlike for hotels, in preparation for the 2018 World Cup
15 October 2015
Vladimir Smirnov/TASS
A view of Samara

“Secret guests" will be used during the preparation of public eating infrastructure for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

"In preparation for the Championship “secret guests” will be used as one of the control measures because we need to know not only the opinion of the regulators of this or that institution, it is important to know the opinion of a general public. Otherwise the result would be wrong,” Head of department of catering for client groups at “Management 2018” company, President of the Association of Restaurateurs and Chefs of the Samara region Svetlana Loisier-Pustovaya.

Earlier Loisier-Pustovaya said that there will be no special requirements for public eating facilities, unlike for hotels, in preparation for the 2018 World Cup. Nevertheless, attention to compliance with these requirements will be increased, and if inspections before the World Cup show that facility is not ready, the organizers will close it for the entire period of the World Cup to avoid possible adverse situations involving the guests.

“Secret guest” method

"Secret guest", or "secret shopper" is a method of inspecting restaurants and cafes, involving a special expert under the guise of an ordinary customer coming to the restaurant, ordering food, simulating different situations communicating with the staff, The “guest” then draws up a report evaluating the time spent waiting for the menu, and the appearance, skills, and stress resistance of personnel and other factors.


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