Half of roof metal structures mounted at 2018 World Cup Samara stadium

Turf installation will start in June
06 April 2017

Half of the basic bearing metal structures of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Samara stadium was erected, according to the press service of the stadium general designer and developer FSUE Sport-In.

On Wednesday 48th and 49th roof units were installed. This huge metal half-arches form unique space-inspired shape of the arena. In total there will be 96 of them. Media service spokesperson noted that orientation, adjustment and installation technologies for these monsters are so complex that installation work is being compared in difficulty with work of jewelers.

Installation of roof structures started in late March last year, and it's planned to complete it in summer 2017.

Turf installation will start in June. Therefore a different installation technology of the remaining mounting will be used. Now they are mounted by cranes standing in the field, but in summer they will be moved outside of the stadium.

Photo: © Sport-In


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