Sochi authorities expect to sell out tickets for 2018 World Cup matches thanks to new marketing program

Special events and promotional activities will be held for the guests of the city
17 August 2016
Alexander Demyanchuk/TASS

Sochi City Administration expects to sell out tickets for the 2018 World Cup matches in the Fisht stadium during the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup. According to the Mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, the new marketing program will be used to attract fans.

"The marketing plan for the host city of Sochi is already developed and agreed with the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). The plan includes the main activities to promote the resort as a host city for the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup creating a welcoming environment and attitude of the city residents and guests, forming positive fans culture among, and promoting healthy lifestyle by involving the city residents in physical activity and sports. The marketing program also includes festive decoration of the urban environment, hosting city festivals, promotional events, organized by FIFA and the Organizing Committee "Russia-2018", large-scale information and communication campaign," Pakhomov said.

"One of the most striking examples are the sporty celebration – the Russian national Sports day, “500 days before the Confederations Cup” in February of this year, and other examplese. We look forward to the Fisht stadium being fully loaded – around 45,000 seats for 4 matches of the Confederation Cup and 6 matches of the World Cup,” Pakhomov added.

Sochi awaits FIFA Fan Fest guests

The Mayor also spoke about organizing the football festival for the fans and all the guests of the Black Sea resort during thet World Cup.

"We are waiting for the FIFA Fan Fest guests, when the city will be charged with a festive atmosphere. The area of the southern breakwater of the Sochi seaport will become the main venue of the festival during the World Cup. The Fan Fest program was designed as a single sports event that will include live broadcasts of matches, cultural and entertainment program, interactive activities with the audience, visits of the world football stars, performances of pop bands and other activities. Exhibition of the FIFA commercial partners will be held during the fest, as well as the pavilion for selling official products," Pakhomov said.

According to the Mayor, preparation of the event for the 2017 Confederations Cup is also currently in development.

Pakhomov noted that profit from international tournaments is not a priority for the administration. "The city authorities do not have goals to profit from the city hosting the largest football tournament in the world,” he said. “Entrepreneurs in hotel field, catering, entertainment and leisure will see the most income. Hosting four matches of the Confederations Cup is a huge plus for us, as it will be almost a rehearsal before the main football event in 2018. We are already working on reserving the hotel infrastructure for all guests of the resort during the competitions," Pakhomov added.

Three training fields to be constructed in Sochi for World Cup

Pakhomov spoke about construction of training bases for the teams participating in the World Cup.

"The construction of three training fields, which will meet all the requirements of FIFA and international standards for sports facilities, is currently in progress. Yug-Sport stadium that have been recently returned the name of the famous athlete Slava Metreveli, together with the hotel Sochi Kamelia, will become a training base for one of the teams. The stadium will not be used as part of the Confederations Cup infrastructure in 2017," Pakhomov said.

Central Stadium named after Slava Metreveli is a home base for Sochi football club that plays in the Russian Professional Football League, has two football fields. The capacity of the main field stands is 10,200 spectators.


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