Sochi resort Rosa Hutor expects upwards of 1.5m visitors in 2016

Rosa Hutor management plans to launch new skiing runs and three powerful ski lifts.
19 May 2016
Aleksander Demyanchuk/ТАSS
Rosa Hutor resort, Krasnaya Polyana, Krasnodar Region

More than 800,000 tourists visited the all-season alpine resort Rosa Hutor last winter, reports Interfax, quoting the resort’s CEO Sergey Bachin, who added that Rosa Hutor expects to welcome upwards of 1.5 million visitors in total this year.

"We saw about 600,000 visitors in the winter of 2015, and 750,000 in the summer,” Bachin said. “That adds up to 1.35 million visitors in 2015. We hosted as many as 800,000 visitors in the winter of 2016. That’s about 30% up from last year. So it isn’t unrealistic to expect 1.5 million or more visitors in 2016 overall.”

New ski runs and lifts

By the 2016/17 winter season, Rosa Hutor plans to open more than 20 km of new skiing runs and three new ski lifts, which will hopefully eliminate the queuing problem, according to Bachin.

"We’ll be adding some 20 km of new ski runs by next season, as well as three powerful new lifts, which will take care of the bottlenecks where lines used to form,” he said. “Those who visit us during the next winter season will see no more queues. Even if we get 30% more visitors again next winter, there should be no queues.”  

The new lifts are expected to double the overall throughput of Rosa Hutor. The resort’s management plans to eventually bring the total length of its skiing runs to 100 km.  


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