"Sport is unusually generous"

The story behind the photo
12 April 2017
Cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov with Olympic gymnastics champion Larisa Latynina, 1962 © Valentin Mastyukov / TASS
An astronaut must be in perfect physical shape, because his body experiences severe stress: weightlessness, overload, noise, vibration, mobility restriction, isolation and so on.

Of course, the first person in space cannot be anyone but an athlete. Gagarin was very fond of sports and that's one of the primary reasons why he became a legend. "Sport is unusually generous and sometimes it can give you a surge of so much needed strength in the most difficult and even incredible life situations, endurance and energy," the cosmonaut said.

Gagarin began each day with a workout. In his spare time he was engaged in a variety of sports. "You can do sports anywhere," he once remarked.

In the photo taken in 1962 Yuri Gagarin along the second Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov are at the meeting with Moscow's physical culture core group in the Columns Hall of the House of Unions.


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