Sports Minister Mutko unanimously elected Russian Football Union chief

Acting union President Nikita Simonyan granted Mutko the official certificate of the Russian Football Union head for the one year term
02 September 2015

Delegates of an extraordinary meeting of the Russian Football Union (RFS) have unanimously elected Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko as the RFS new chief.

Acting RFS President Nikita Simonyan granted Mutko the official certificate of the Russian Football Union head for the one year term.

Mutko headed the Russian Football Union from April 2005 to November 2009. He left the post of the RFS’s chief, following a government resolution, which required that government officials should quit top positions in sports federations.

In July 2015, an exception was made for Mutko to combine the posts of the sports minister and the RFS head, which allowed him to take part in the elections for the helm of the Russian Football Union.

After Mutko quit the RFS in November 2009, the Russian Football Union was headed by Sergei Fursenko from February 2010 to June 2012 and Nikolai Tolstykh from September 2012 to May 2015.

Tolstykh was relieved of his duties of the RFS head by a decision taken by delegates of the organization’s conference in May over the deplorable financial state of the Russian Football Union whose debts amounted to about 1.5 billion rubles.

The organization’s conference elected 88-year-old Simonyan as the RFS acting head at the time. After Mutko’s election as the new chief of the Russian Football Union, Simonyan has resumed his ditties as the RFS first vice-president.

The next elections of the RFS head will be held within six months after the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro scheduled to take place on August 5-21, 2016 come to an end.


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