Sports Ministry working on an entry permit to replace Russian visa for travellers during 2018 World Cup

Russia to grant visa-free entry to all ticket-holders during the 2018 FIFA World Cup
15 September 2015

Russia’s Sports Ministry is among the government agencies currently working on an alternative entry permit, a semblance of a migrant ID, for foreign nationals entering Russia with tickets for any of the 2018 World Cup games, according to deputy minister of sports Natalia Parshikova.   

2018 World Cup ticket-holders will not need a visa to enter Russia while the championship lasts. Foreign fans, arriving in Russia at any time during the 2018 World Cup, will be able to enter and leave the country without a visa, subject to a procedure prescribed by Russian government. Foreign volunteers will enter on a regular humanitarian visa.  

"Visa-free entry is a done deal, but we need to figure out the ID they will use to cross the frontier, something like a migrant ID with the traveller’s name on it,” Parshikova told TASS. “Visa-free entrants will be required to present a valid ticket, but we just cannot afford not to know who the ticket-holder is. This is a matter of national security and migration accounting. The fact of entry has to be properly processed at the frontier.”

The law concerning the preparation and staging of the 2018 World Cup and 2017 Confederations Cup grants visa-free entry to foreign nationals involved in the preparation and staging of both tournaments, as well as to the players participating.

Visa-free entry for participants will have effect during the sports events per se, and for five months prior, provided that the event is listed by the International Football Federation.  


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