Stadium in Ekaterinburg to be named "Central" after the 2018 World Cup

At the time of the 2018 World Cup the stadium was renamed to Ekaterinburg Arena
06 October 2016
Donat Sorokin/ТАSS
The 2018 World Cup stadium in Ekaterinburg under reconstruction
The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ stadium in Ekaterinburg will be returned its original name "Central" after the championship, according to the acting Minister of Construction and Development of the Svedlovsk region, Aleskey Krupkin. "Arenas and stadiums are unique constructions made to host sports and public events."

At the time of the World Cup the stadium was renamed to Ekaterinburg Arena.

"By FIFA’s decision, every stadium received a new name," Krupkin reminded. "After all is done, the stadium in Ekaterinburg will get his historical name back. It will once again be called the Central Stadium."

A modern arena is built on the site of the stadium, which opened back in 1956. According to the project, the historic façade will not be touched. It was officially recognized to be an object of cultural heritage as an example of a public sports facility built in mid-XX century in the style of Russian neoclassical architecture.

The project provides for the preservation of the historic walls of the western and eastern stands, eastern and western ticket offices with gates as well as a metal fence with brick pillars. The facades of the eastern and western stands will be restored, while a new stadium designed in accordance with FIFA requirements will be built within the historic walls.

At the time of the World Cup the arena will sit up to 35,000 viewers. After the tournament the arena’s capacity will be reduced to 23,000 people.


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