Tactile pedestrian crossing lighting installed in Moscow

Representatives of the Moscow Traffic Management Centre, the additional light signal will help pedestrians not break traffic laws
09 July 2015
Anton Novoderzhkin/TASS
Tactile LED lighting on one of the pedestrian crossings at prospekt Mira

Experimental tactile LED stripes have been installed at a pedestrian crossing at Moscow’s prospekt Mira. Media liaison of the Moscow Traffic Management Centre said that this innovative system is installed directly on the sidewalk in front of the crossing and is synchronized with the traffic light, providing an extra signal for both pedestrians and drivers.

Specialists working at the centre believe the LED stripe will work as an extra psychological factor, preventing pedestrians from crossing against traffic lights. Their bright colors are expected to ensure correct attitude to traffic laws due to a “game effect” from early childhood.

Apart from pedestrian crossings, such LED signals can be used at public transport stops and bike lanes. These stripes are often used to ensure safety and reduce the amount of accidents on the road. 


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