Samara unveils 2018 World Cup volunteer programmes

11 November 2016
Kirill Gurov
The Samara regional House of Peoples’ Friendship presented volunteer programmes for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™.

Anyone aged 16 and up in May 2018 can try to become a city volunteer for the World Cup. Russia-2018 Local Organising Committee volunteers must be at least 18 years old by the time the World Cup begins. These are the only restrictions to becoming a volunteer.

"Sport has always been and always will be the thing that erases all boundaries, where people are devoted to a single cause. It’s wonderful that anyone can become a World Cup volunteer regardless of their nationality or citizenship," said the Acting Director of the House of Peoples’ Friendship Vitaly Golovanov. "I am certain that in the end we will have tight-knit volunteer teams in our multicultural Samara. And it’s right and it’s necessary, because we are all doing the same thing – we are preparing our city and our region for a mass sporting event. And the only way to do it right is to do it together!"

More than 120 people wishing to become volunteers came to the event. They were introduced to the volunteer programmes and told of all the details of applying for the position. The visitors were also informed of the stages of the selection process for city and Russia-2018 Local Organising Committee volunteers.

"I would like to become a tourist routes volunteer," one of the applicants Guldzhamal Kulmagazieva said. "Samara has a lot of interesting and beautiful places and I want to show our city’s cultural diversity so that our guests and the fans are left with the best impression!"

The visitors also took part in a quiz on the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. After the event, volunteers noted that it’s very important to form teams consisting of representatives of different nationalities.

"We became friends with Serbians at the World Aquatics Championship in Kazan and our friendship got so strong that together we cheered not only for our own team but for theirs as well. A common cause brings people together. A lot of my friends are planning to visit our country in 2018. They are applying to become volunteers, " said Ekaterina Morozova, who already worked as a volunteer at international sporting events. "This summer, I was a volunteer at the European Cup in France. The French treated us as equals and didn’t make allowances for us being foreign, didn’t try to speak slower or articulate. Sometimes it was difficult, but still interesting. A lot of elderly French volunteers have visited Russia in their lifetimes and had good memories or our country, we could discuss culture and literature with them. "

After the official part of the event was over, volunteers helped visitors fill out application forms on websites and Волонтер​