The Luzhniki Stadium starts fortifying its natural grass pitch

Reinforced plastic threads will serve as additional protection against wear during matches
29 September 2016
The natural grass pitch at the Luzhniki Stadium is being stitched to reinforce the turf and protect it from wear during matches, according to Deputy Mayor Marat Khusnullin.

According to the official, Dutch experts started stitching the pitch with artificial threads. "The football pitch was sown with grass seeds, not covered with rolls of turf. The grass has already grown so the experts began stitching it with artificial fibers going as deep as 18 centimeters below the soil surface. It creates a sort of hybrid, where the grass is natural but synthetically reinforced, which stabilizes the soil and strengthens the roots," Khusnullin said.

"FIFA has very high requirements towards the quality of the football pitch. Because of this, during the reconstruction of the stadium the pitch was completely redone and got modern high quality turf. Latest drainage, heating and watering systems were installed in the soil under the grass," the deputy mayor said.

He also noted that the Luzhniki sports facility is being reconstructed in time for the FIFA2018 World Cup Russia™. Most of the construction words are set to be finished this year. After the reconstruction, the stadium will seat 81 thousand instead of 78 it used to. Luzhniki will also get a single control centre with a clear view over the territory and two large screens to view matches.


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