The Mordovia Arena is getting a new roof

The roofing will consist of 88 interlinked consoles
20 September 2016
The workers have just put the first bearing support into place for the roof of the Mordovia Arena, which will be hosting some of the matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, was told by the press office of the project’s general designer and customer/developer, FGUP Sport-In.

Each console is a Г-shaped metal structure. There will be a total of 88 of them installed, interlinked to form an original spatial design system.

The new arena being built on the right bank of the Insar River in Saransk will remain in use post-2018 World Cup as a training base for the local football team, as well as for other sports, and cultural or sports-themed mass entertainments.

The oval arena on a tall two-story podium will be capped by a steel frame roof inclined towards the inside of the stadium bowl. The designers figured this would be the best shape for the comfort of spectators and for maximum sunlight to reach the pitch grass. The height of the façade cladding is the same around the entire stadium perimeter. Consisting of perforated hang-consoles, it makes the whole building look lighter.


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